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A Creative Haven in Porto Cervo

Promenade du Port, nestled by the sea in Porto Cervo, is your gateway to top-notch Italian and international fashion, design, and cuisine. With unwavering dedication, we foster connections among captivating brands, offering visitors a unique blend of luxury and style.

Excellence and Creativity

Emerging from a groundbreaking vision by S.A. Aga Khan, Porto Cervo has stood as a symbol of elegance and refinement, shaping the global luxury scene for over six decades.

It's within this iconic backdrop that the concept of Promenade du Port flourishes—a creative haven dedicated to luxury, fashion, design, and culinary delights. Each boutique and retail space offers an exclusive array of top-tier brands, ensuring a shopping experience like no other.

Strategically positioned at the heart of Porto Cervo, at the foot of the esteemed Old Port, the Promenade serves as the epicenter of summertime allure in Costa Smeralda. A blend of chic boutiques, artisanal ateliers, upscale eateries, and captivating art galleries invites guests on an enchanting journey through a vibrant and cosmopolitan ambiance.

Embodying the essence of Italian excellence and innovation, Promenade du Port delivers unparalleled experiences tailored to satisfy even the most discerning travelers.

An area of Possibility

Promenade du Port boasts a lively retail scene designed for entertainment, innovation, and creating unique experiences. This blend of shops, restaurants, and services reflects a forward- thinking vision, providing a glimpse into the future of luxury today.

Our tenants think creatively, experiment with new ideas, and create memorable interactions with visitors, bringing a unique atmosphere to life during the summer season.

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