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Apres Ski

Après Ski" is a unique destination, a haven for exquisite luxury eyewear and summer accessories. It embodies a captivating fusion of innovative ideas and refined craftsmanship, showcasing the pinnacle of eyewear excellence. Founded in 2010 by Kostas and Antonis, who united their shared vision and passion for artistry and independent creators, it has become a hub offering a curated selection of top-tier eyewear brands, unique accessories, beauty products, and jewelry. This distinctive project, born in Athens and now spanning destinations from Corfu, Mykonos, and Cyprus to Porto Cervo, epitomizes the essence of aesthetics and cool style under the Mediterranean sun.

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Handcrafted accessories

DIscover our selection of unique accessories.Nick Foucket hats,St Barth cosmetics and much more 

Unique eyewear

Discover the most unique eyewear brands ,meet the legends.

Jacques Marie Mage,Linda Farrow,Thom Browne,Dita,Matsuda,Rigards and many more.

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